–Fire Marshal Course

This is aimed at staff with supervising responsibility for Fire Precautions & Fire Procedures.

Course duration 3 hours.


  • Action on discovery of a fire
    • Raising the alarm
    • How to investigate the cause of alarm without endangering yourself
    • Marshal responsibilities upon hearing the alarm
    • Zoning arrangements
    • Dealing with visitors in a fire situation
  • Importance of roll call
  • Importance of liaison with fire service
  • Comparative safety
  • Combustion & fire dynamics
  • Classification of extinguisher
  • Practical use of extinguishers
  • Human behaviour in fire
  • Identifying hazards and risks
  • Adequate control measures
  • Aplicable legislation
  • Fire risk assessment
    • Maintenance of equipment plant and site
    • Review a fire risk assessment
    • Recording the fire risk assessment