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Why Do You Need a Fire Risk Assessment?

From the time these Regulations came into force in October 2006 it is a requirement for all employers, occupiers or owners of a property to:

  • Carry out a fire risk assessment of the workplace/property taking into consideration employees and all other people who may be affected by a fire in the building.
  • Identify the significant findings of the risk assessment and the details of anyone who might be especially at risk in case of fire. If five or more people are employed or if the property has a licence under any provision it is a requirement that these significant findings are recorded (However, it is recommended that a written record is produced on all occasions to assist when reviewing your fire risk assessment).
  • Provide and maintain such fire precautions as are necessary to safeguard those who use the property.
  • Provide information, instruction and training to employees about the fire precautions in the property to ensure the safety of all persons who use the property.

Who Is The Responsible Person?


The responsible person can be more than one person and include: the employer; the occupier; the owner; contracted positions of leasehold obligations; any other person with control over the premises.

The order requires the responsible person to ensure all employees, visitors, residents and contractors are protected from potential injury and damage to their health which might arise from a fire on their premises. The onus on the responsible person is to ensure a fire risk assessment is carried out.

Our Fire Risk Assessments

FireRiskAssessing.co.uk will provide the highest standards of customer care and attempt to beat any price for contractual work within a 30 mile radius of Solihull, (providing we see a written quote.) We are committed to provide both value for money & customer care. We will provide Fire Risk Assessments and Bespoke Fire Training across the whole of the UK.

With every fire risk assessment we will provide you with:

  • Continued support
  • Liaison with fire authority (if that is required)
  • A fire risk assessment that is suitable and sufficient for your premises
  • Easy to understand and act on information
  • A free fire log book attached to the fire risk assessment
  • Detailed reports that satisfy the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. (RRO)
  • Significant findings (required by fire authority if you are ever audited)
  • An action plan agreed with you at the time if required

We will not provide you with:

  • Generic cut & paste text and tick boxes which don’t say anything.
  • A lot of information to pad out a risk assessment to justify a grossly inflated fee.

Our assessors are ex fire service who have a wealth of experience of being a fire safety inspecting officer who have undergone extensive training throughout their careers to ensure your risk assessment is suitable and sufficient as demanded by the fire safety order. The fire risk assessment you receive will be suitably risk assessed by our assessors ensuring any work required to bring the premises up to an acceptable standard of compliance will be in the most cost effective way without a huge cost burden to your business/premises.

You can be confident that any requirements within reports are made because they are necessary and these will be discussed at the time of assessment with clear explanations of why they are necessary.

Why should you have a fire risk assessment?

Don’t put people at risk. Why should you have a fire risk assessment?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 places a legal responsibility upon anybody with control over a premises I.e. employers/owners/landlords to undertake a suitable & sufficient site specific fire risk assessment of all premises under their control.

Key considerations are:

  • Persons at risk, including the management of disabled or otherwise vulnerable occupants
  • Fire separation and compartments
  • Fire spread
  • Means of escape
  • Assessment of preventative & protective measures currently in place and advise on any deficient areas
  • Hazardous processes & materials

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